Seeing your life through the lens of the gospel


Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
20 June 2021




1. The image of a boat in a stormy sea is a symbol of life in difficult times and can represent inner turmoil, anxiety and high emotions. When you have been in such circumstances, perhaps a ‘Jesus person’ came to your assistance and calmed you down? Recall that person with gratitude.

2. The image can also be applied to a family, a community, a parish, or any other group. Remember people who have had a gift of bringing peace to troubled situations.

3. The significance of miracles in the gospels is that they show Jesus as one who brings God’s power to bear on human need and suffering. Have there been times when you have been a channel for this healing power of God, holding a crying child in your arms, calming the anxiety of a friend, or being a peacemaker in a group to which you belong?


John Byrne OSA