Swanlinbar GFC

Promoting Gaelic Games

Swanlinbar Football Club formed in 1904. Over the years it has experience many highs and lows. In 1946 they got to the Minor Final only to be beaten by Belburbet by a point. In the late 1960's because of small numbers they had to amalgamate with Corlough. In 1972 they reorganised as Swanlinbar GFC

Over the following years have been successful 1981. 1984 Won The Junior League. 1985 Won The Junior Championship. 1998 Won The Junior Championship. 1999 Won Promotion to Division 1. 2006 Won The Junior Championship. 2010 Won The Junior Championship and Division 3. 2010 Ulster Junior Champions. 2011 All Ireland Junior Finalists Croke Park.